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Ultima Joins The Blue Prism Technical Alliance Program

Ultima is pleased to announce a new and exciting Technical Alliance Program partnership with Blue Prism. Ultima's IA-Connect is now available on the Blue Prism Digital Exchange. Blue Prism is a leading RPA vendor providing scalable, intelligent Robotic Process Automation to organisations across the globe.  

Ultima's CEO, Scott Dodds comments "RPA-based software development is what we’ve specialised in for some time, but the launch of Ultima Labs on the Blue Prism Technical Alliance Program allows us to showcase our automation software which is a key growth area for us.

"As we bring out new and exciting tools to make automation a reality for customers, the promises of improved productivity and reduced operating costs from digital transformation will become a reality for every business. It also opens opportunities for us to work with leading vendors. We’re working with the world’s leading RPA vendor, Blue Prism, to help them deliver secure automation, having integrated IA-Connect with Blue Prism’s connected RPA platform, Digital Workforce."

Blue Prism and IA-Connect combine to solve some common automation challenges

IA-Connect has been developed by Ultima to resolve some industry-wide challenges around RPA automation over Citrix and Microsoft RDS. IA-Connect enables RPA developers to use near-native automation techniques in these scenarios, rather than resorting to Surface Automation and eliminates common security concerns over using cloud-based RPA solutions.

Common challenges with Surface Automation: 

- Elements which are off-screen, e.g. parts of Word documents or Excel spreadsheets, are invisible and the automation has to continually scroll up and down to locate the element. 

- Windows which appear behind other windows are invisible to the automation. 

- API and code objects are unavailable so even simple tasks such as detecting the existence of a file become complicated. 

- Over 95% of the built-in automation objects are unavailable in a remote session, and therefore the existing object library is rendered useless. 

This introduces complications during the development of automated processes which can take up to 3 to 4 times longer to develop and therefore erodes the return on investment when identifying processes to automate. 

In addition to this, once automated, processes which rely on Surface Automation are significantly less robust, increasing cost to manage and maintain, and introducing risk to the business.

The ease at which IA-Connect is able to automate over Citrix or RDS sessions enables organisations to consume cloud-based RPA platforms such as Blue Prism Cloud much more easily over a standard remote session, avoiding VPNs and punching holes in your firewalls.

If you would like to learn more about how we're solving automation challenges such as Surface Automation, Infrastructure and RPA in the Cloud, click here.

How IA-Connect works

IA-Connect works in tandem with the Blue Prism platform to initiate communication between the Blue Prism Virtual Worker and the Citrix or RDS remote desktop. Setup is simple and doesn’t require any changes to your existing Citrix or RDS session hosts nor any admin privileges to the remote environment.  A standalone executable is deployed to a file share which is reachable from the Citrix or RDS session and a small installation is performed on the Blue Prism Virtual Worker – and that’s it. 

When running, once the communication channel is established over a standard user Citrix or RDS session, commands are passed back and forth to enable IA-Connect to effectively act as proxy between the Blue Prism platform and those hard to reach applications.

If you would like to learn more about IA-Connect and take our 30 day free trial, click here.

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