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Foundations of Intelligent Infrastructure

The Foundations of Intelligent Infrastructure in Financial Services

An intelligent financial services firm is nimble, slick and clever. It out-performs its competitors by out-innovating them. And it’s built on intelligent infrastructure from the foundations up. So what is intelligent infrastructure, why do you need it, and where can you get it?

Why you need intelligent infrastructure

If you’re like most of Ultima’s financial services clients, you’re already on your way to becoming a better, more intelligent business.

You may be a FinTech pioneering a disruptive business model, or an established firm re-inventing itself for the digital era. Either way, you’ll be looking to the latest developments in AI and blockchain, and the most agile DevOps techniques to drive your firm forward.

These are the aspects of digital business that get the limelight. But without correspondingly agile foundations, your best-laid plans could crumble.

This is why you need intelligent infrastructure – because the foundations of the IT stack have to be every bit as up-to-date, leading-edge and intelligent as the apps and services that run on them. Only on a foundation of intelligent infrastructure can IT become a true partner to the business and deliver the innovation it requires to succeed.

What is intelligent infrastructure?

Intelligent infrastructure is the most secure and energy-efficient equipment available, overlayed with intelligent services that together give you operational efficiency and strategic agility.

At Ultima, we think in terms of two main classes of intelligent infrastructure: intelligent servers and storage, and intelligent operational management.

Intelligent servers and storage are secure, energy-efficient devices combined with a cloud-based, AI analytics engine. This constantly monitors the infrastructure, analyses performance, predicts issues, recommends continuous improvements, and carries out pre-emptive remediation automatically to avoid incidents.

Intelligent operational management adds a layer of artificial intelligence to traditional performance monitoring tools, making more accurate diagnoses and timely remediations. It allows you to identify and resolve more issues automatically, reducing the mean time to repair, and paying for itself in reduced downtime and better application performance.

Both these kinds of intelligent infrastructure extend the degree of automation in your business, improve user experience (for both clients and employees) and increase operational efficiency. Crucially they also free-up your time, releasing you from mundane tasks so you can apply your skills to more interesting and strategic work.

How to make your infrastructure more intelligent

Ultima can help you design intelligent processes, automate them across front and back offices, and provide the intelligent infrastructure and managed services to operate them.

Among the many solutions we have at our disposal are HPE’s ProLiant servers, which come with AI-powered cloud-based analytics and self-management as standard. It’s worth noting these servers are on special offer at the moment.

The AIOps system behind this equipment, HPE’s InfoSight, can anticipate and resolve 86% of problems automatically and cut the time IT teams spend managing problems by 85%.

Ultima can build intelligent infrastructure and mangement services like this into solutions that enable your firm to deliver the rapid, continuous innovation that’s critical to success in financial services today.

Give us a call on 0333 015 8000 or send us a message so we can talk about laying the foundations of intelligent infrastructure for your business. 

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