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Transitioning to the Cloud - Supporting Your Legacy Kit

During a transition to the cloud, it's imperative your legacy hardware remains supported. Below are some key points you should consider, as well as details of how Ultima can assist with the process:

In order to minimise the risk of system downtime, what break fix arrangements have you made to repair failed legacy hardware? Have you thought about uplifting the level of manufacturer warranty to a fix SLA for your critical new equipment? Are your business plans to move to a cloud solution, and as such you aren't investing in new infrastructure?
Our Opinion

Not every business is ready to migrate to the cloud, but for those who are, many (if not all) will have some form of localised infrastructure in place that will need to be maintained. Ultima certainly would not advise you neglect legacy IT systems as you transition towards a cloud-based solution. 

Critical enterprise solutions, such as those used by data centres, remain revered by IT teams. For businesses that need flexible support models to maintain their essential infrastructure during a period of adoption and thereafter, it’s essential they can access trusted service partners who are equipped with the correct skills and accreditations to avoid IT outages and downtime.

Our Solution

Ultima’s trusted maintenance model is built upon utilising local and tier one accredited resources to deliver a reliable break-fix service, measured by Service Level Agreements. Our distributed logistics programme ensures OEM spares are delivered to site to facilitate the repair, as such your infrastructure is up and running again within hours - minimising the impact of downtime to your business.

Our tailored contracts are both cost effective and flexible, offering customisation up to a 24x7 and 4-hour break-fix. We can also accommodate a single multi-vendor schedule.

We support over 250 estates UK wide, and our customers would recommend us for our consistently high level of service and cost savings. Because we have already invested in over £5 million worth of spares, the probability of offering a shorter term break-fix contract during an important cloud transition process is high. 

How We Can Help

By providing details of your legacy and new infrastructure, the Ultima maintenance team can provide a bespoke break-fix option to meet your requirements. We look at all platforms - from data centre to network to mobile devices - and agree with you which are the most important to ensure your business is not impacted by failed units. 

As Ultima’s Maintenance Services Business Manager, I have over 30 years' experience within the maintenance industry and am respected by all of our delivery partners and tier one vendors alike. My background is with Digital, Compaq, HP and HPE.

My goal is to maximise the best value for customers; reducing cost in line with the service requirements. Having worked at Ultima for over 20 years and never losing a support agreement due to poor service, you can be confident in receiving top class service in an ever-changing marketplace. The highlight of it all? Ultima's dedicated maintenance team act as your single point of management, so you only have one number to call...

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-  By Mark Pickin (Maintenance Services Business Manager)

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