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The security benefits of Microsoft 365 Enterprise

Have you equipped your employees for success in this digital age?

The way people choose to communicate and work with each other is changing, and rapidly.

That’s why businesses such as yours are beginning to recognise that, to ensure continued growth, they must transform their workforce – encouraging more open communications and truly engaging everyone, from the boardroom to first-line workers.

Why is this so important?

Because when a workforce feels truly engaged, companies report improved employee retention, customer satisfaction, sales metrics and overall profitability. Simple.

Keeping a diverse, and potentially disparate, workforce happy and motivated while optimising their productivity is a challenge at the best of times though – and it’s even more difficult in today’s digital world.

People need to work together when they’re miles apart. They need to be productive while on the move. They need to work on any device, anywhere, knowing they can switch seamlessly to another device when the task demands. They need to collaborate with customers and partners alike. They’re asked to be innovative and tasked to deliver.

And they need to do all of this as the world embraces the opportunities presented by the process of digital transformation.

The successful digital transformation of a business requires each and every one of your workers to participate fully. It involves the adoption of technology that allows people to work collaboratively, regardless of their physical location. And it entails systems that are simple, consistent and compliant.

All this means you need to equip your workforce with tools they are familiar with, so they can work in a more agile fashion. They need a unified environment where they can express themselves and are inspired to innovate – a digital space where ideas become reality. You also need to match their demand for flexibility with your company's demands for productivity.

In short, you need everything that Microsoft 365 Enterprise provides...

Today’s highly mobile world of work demands solutions that bring people, information and insights together - which is why this suite of tools has been designed to enable your workforce to tap into a set of apps and services aimed at enhancing teamwork. They can choose how they connect, share and communicate. They can even use the devices that they’re familiar with in their personal lives, without the risk of a security breach. As a result, they feel as though they’re working for a company that recognises their value.

Microsoft 365 Enterprise even provides connectivity with social technology, which has been shown to be massively beneficial. In fact, 66% of companies believe that it’s increased the speed of knowledge access, while 60% say that it has reduced the cost of communications*.

A case in point

After the merger of Kraft Foods Group and the H.J. Heinz Company established The Kraft Heinz Company, the world’s fifth-largest food and beverage company, they turned to Microsoft 365 Enterprise to unite the two organisations.

Using tools like Skype for Business Online has helped them to streamline communication and decision-making, and it’s now the basis for most meetings, helping employees to share presentations and improving internal communications.

Combined with the new generation of leading edge devices from vendors such as HP Inc, these tools enable more collaboration and productivity from your employees than ever before. To ensure your business takes the next step towards digital transformation, empower your workforce by equipping them with Microsoft 365 Enterprise.

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- By Sabrina Gosney (Microsoft Alliance Manager)


* Source: http://www.mckinsey.com/industries/high-tech/our-insights/transforming-the-business-through-social-tools

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