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Automation & Orchestration - The Future of Security

There's an ancient proverb which states that time and tide waits for no man, but in the modern world you can add cyber security threats and hackers to the list.

Nowadays, the requirement to manage an efficient IT security system either involves finding extra hours in the day, or employing an army of people to simply keep your systems afloat... A challenge which is increasingly difficult in a time where it's expected that people must 'do more with less’.

Following recent ransomware outbreaks, it also seems that threat actors are preying on this problem; knowing full well that systems aren’t being patched - or not as often as they should - resulting in vulnerabilities being left exposed. 

The security industry needs to meet this challenge head on; the emerging answer is to focus and invest in the concept of automation and orchestration.  

A recent blog published by Microsoft’s Enterprise Security Group addresses the fact that finding and recruiting information security professionals with the necessary skills isn’t easy, and as such offers practical steps that an organisation should take to automate their cyber security operations.

Furthermore, Cisco's 2017 Midyear Cybersecurity Report highlights a number of reasons why automation tools can be essential when building a security defense system.

To realise the benefits of automated security policies - and better tools to orchestrate the myriad of technologies needed to provide effective security - then speak to Ultima about our security solutions. Or, for further information about how we can help, download our cyber security offering below:

Cyber Security Assessment

To complement this new wave of security, don't forget Ultima can help manage your network infrastructure; providing next-generation threat prevention, bolstered by 24x7 remote management and controlled change requests.

Our managed services team offer a truly proactive level of monitoring and management - including firewalls, switches, routers and all network attached devices. To find out more download our datasheet below:

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- By Martin Collins (Head of Networking & Security)


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