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Microsoft Newsletter - August

Read below for all the latest news and updates from Microsoft this month.

CSP Perpetual Licensing
Microsoft have introduced a new segment of the CSP program which now allows traditional enterprise clients to purchase perpetual licensing.

Perpetual licensing historically fell into the Open Licensing or Enterprise Agreement bucket in which customers were offered volume discounts and software assurance benefits for the Microsoft software they purchased. A customer can still purchase under these programs, but it is clear Microsoft is heading towards a more CSP based model across all licensing programs.

Get in touch to learn more about the benefits of CSP Perpetual Licensing.

Expanded use rights for Azure Hybrid Benefit with SQL Server
Microsoft announced some expanded use rights for the Azure Hybrid Benefit with SQL Server giving additional flexibility in using Standard and Enterprise Core licences for Azure IaaS and PaaS solutions.

SQL Server Standard Core licences can now be used for SQL Server Enterprise virtual machines with 4 Core licences required for each virtual core, and SQL Server Enterprise Core licences may now be used for SQL Server Standard virtual machines with 1 Core licence covering 4 virtual cores.

There are similar changes for the licence requirements for the Azure Data Factory SQL Server Integration Services Standard/Enterprise, and SQL Server Standard Core licences may now also be used for Azure SQL Database Business Critical solutions with a requirement of 4 Core licences to cover a virtual core. To learn more about the expanded use rights, click here.

Rebranding Forms Pro as Dynamics 365 Customer Voice

Customer Voice was originally revealed in July at Inspire 2020 and it represents an evolution of the existing Forms Pro product, re-focusing it as an enterprise feedback management solution.

The product name will change in the coming weeks for all existing customers, and they will see their existing environment updated to fit the model of Customer Voice, which introduces a project-based structure for managing surveys. Forms Pro SKUs have been renamed to Customer Voice, and pricing will not change until January 1, 2021, the guide states. But existing Forms Pro customers and Customer Voice customers who sign up before December 31, 2020 will not see the price change.

Dynamics 365 Sales Premium
Microsoft have released a new offering called Dynamics 365 Sales Premium. It’s a single user licence for Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise and Dynamics 365 Sales Insights at a price of $135 per user per month, a saving of $10 over buying the applications separately. 

Meet the new Microsoft Teams Rooms Standard and Premium
The Microsoft Teams Rooms Standard offering provides the necessary licenses for Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Endpoint Manager Intune. The offering also enables Phone System, necessary for PSTN integration, and Audio Conferencing, where available.

Microsoft are also launching the new Microsoft Teams Rooms Premium offering which includes a remote management service that enables customers to shift the operational responsibility of managing and monitoring Microsoft Teams Rooms to Microsoft. With Premium, customers have access to intelligent software, dedicated experts, and enhanced insights.

To learn more, click here.

Protect revenue and reputation with Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection
Microsoft are launching two new capabilities for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection to counteract account fraud, and omnichannel return and discount fraud, available to all merchants:

Account protection: Help protect your online revenue and reputation and safeguard user accounts from abuse and fraud by combating fake account creation, account takeover, and fraudulent account access.

Loss prevention: Help protect your revenue by identifying potential fraud on returns and discounts arising from omnichannel purchases, enabling store managers and loss prevention officers to quickly take action to mitigate losses.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection is a cloud-based solution designed to help merchants protect their revenue and reputation by decreasing fraud and abuse, reducing operational expenses, and increasing acceptance rates.

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Written by Catherine Newton, Microsoft Vendor Alliance Manager

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