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Ivanti Interchange 2018

Everything you need to know from Ivanti Interchange 2018

Ivanti Interchange 2018 for EMEA was held in Madrid and three of our consultants were lucky enough to attend. They got the chance to speak to product experts and attend demos of new products and features - read on to find out everything you need to know. 

The event was hosted over four days, with the first two focusing on Partner Certification for User Workspace Management and Operational Security. Summarised below are some highlights from the demos, keynotes and labs attended by the Ultima team. 

Ivanti Interchange-1

Ivanti Pulse 

This is an entirely new product which Ivanti has developed over the last two years. Pulse provides real-time discovery of endpoints for security incident detection and real-time response. It is based on IoT (Internet of Things) sensors which self-deploy across the network.

The tool was able to detect the opening of an application on a demo computer within a couple of seconds, and then with a simple click, the console operator was able to force the closure of that process on the device. Although the demo was on a single device, this operation could have been achieved on thousands of devices at once - forcing the closure of a malicious program perhaps, or some rogue unlicensed software for example.

It is well known that Ivanti bought several other software companies, and during the past few years, they have spent a lot of time integrating the software from each acquisition. Here are some of the new product names from the security stack:

New Name Old Name
Ivanti Patch for SCCM Shavlik Patch For SCCM
Ivanti Patch for Windows Shavlik Protect
Ivanti Patch for Linux, Unix, Mac Heat Endpoint Management and Security Suite (aka HEMSS)
Ivanti Application Control AppSense Application Manager
Ivanti Device Control Heat Endpoint Security
Ivanti Endpoint Security Heat Endpoint Management and Security Suite (aka HEMSS) – this is DC, AC, Patching and AV

Ivanti Device Control 

Ivanti Device Control, powered by Heat, provides effective, scalable protection. Ideal for servers, fixed-function assets (e.g., POS, ATM, and pay-at-the-pump systems), and thin-client or virtualised endpoints, Device Control allows you to quickly identify and lock down endpoints to prevent unauthorised use of removable devices and ports, and to prevent unknown apps from being installed and executed - reducing your attack surface exponentially. Features include:

  • Per-device permissions
  • Device whitelisting
  • Flexible policy with granular control
  • Policy-based encryption
  • Read/write from PCs and Macs
  • File tracking/shadowing
  • File type filtering/malware protection
  • Copy limits
  • Online/offline enforcement
  • In-depth reporting 

Patch for Linux, Unix and Mac

Supported operating systems:

Supported Operating Systems

Patch for Windows

Comprehensive Patch Management Ease of Use Virtual Support 
OS and third party patch Intuitive interface Patch online or offline VMs
Choice of agent or agentless Manage all patches and assets from a single pane of glass Patch VM templates
Complete automation Easy, flexible reporting and executive views Take snapshots before patching
Custom patch options Common IT functions with ITScripts Get VM information from vCenter Patch hypervisors
Control reboots    

Ivanti Patch for SCCM

Ivanti Patch for SCCM helps minimise risk and keep you up to date while keeping costs low. You can easily patch third-party apps from the SCCM console with no additional infrastructure or training. Benefits include:

  • Extensive software catalogue - patch most vulnerable enterprise software tiles
  • Compliance reporting - use SCCM reporting to view the status of the delivery of third party patches
  • Pre-tested packages - Ivanti patching database leads the industry in extensive pre-download testing
  • Native plug-in for SCCM - view third party patches and control the patching process all from within the SCCM console
  • No added infrastructure - leverage your existing investment in SCCM by using the same mechanisms already in place for software patching
  • Ease of use - never leave the SCCM console to deploy third party patches, a simple click deploys third party software updates

Patch as a Service

Ultima's Patch as a Service offering is designed with Ivanti Patch. It delivers a service that removes the pain of keeping your servers and client machines up to date and regularly patched. We aim to help you to decrease risk, while increasing security, and become compliant. 

View the data sheet

To explore the benefits of Ivanti’s patch management software, we are offering a free 30-day trial. Simply click the below button and complete your details to redeem the offer:

Get your 30-day free trial here

Ivanti Application Control

Ivanti Application Control offers IT unprecedented control over endpoints, reducing security risk while providing a great user experience in the latest Windows environments.

Application Control also enables your IT team to manage application access and user privileges efficiently across your desktop and server estate.

All Ivanti security products are available in a single console:

Ivanti Application Control-1

Ivanti Endpoint Security

All organisations, no matter the size or industry, are impacted by targeted threats. Based on a single web-based management console, Ivanti's endpoint security solution includes capabilities to meet endpoint
operations, security, compliance, and IT risk management needs.

The single modular agent has four main modules; device control, application control, patch and remediation and antivirus. Alongside this, the solution can also offer asset inventory, wake on LAN, Xtraction and remote control.


The Ultima team were very impressed by the amount and quality of Ivanti's offerings and their overall commitment to 'Unify IT', providing capable solutions by bringing together products from different vendors (HEAT, AppSense, Shavlik, LANDesk etc) with a streamlined front and back-end.

These products have a real use case providing another option to popular products such as SCCM, particularly for customers less keen on the Microsoft stack or those who have a lot of Linux, Unix or Macs in their environment.

Ivanti Interchange 2-1

As an Ivanti Platinum Partner, we recommend their Endpoint Security and Privilege and Patch Management solutions - they help ensure your users are safe while doing their jobs online.

Don't forget to make use of our free 30-day trial of Ivanti's patch management software by clicking the below button and completing your details:

Get your 30-day free trial here


- By Tom Pursey (Senior Technical Consultant)

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