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FSLogix for Everyone

On March 21 2019, Microsoft announced the public preview of Windows Virtual Desktop.

Tucked away in this announcement is some interesting information regarding FSLogix. Ultima have worked closely with FSLogix over several years to deliver exceptional user experience and performance while working with Office 365.

Following their acquisition by Microsoft in November 2018, today Microsoft have announced that the FSLogix solution will be available to customers as part of the following license SKUs:

  • Microsoft 365 F1, E3 or E5
  • Windows 10 Enterprise E3 or E5
  • Windows VDA
  • Windows Server RDS CALs

Unlike Windows Virtual Desktop, the use of FSLogix is not restricted to Azure. Provided you have one of the above-mentioned licenses this is available for use on any cloud platform or on-premises.

This is exciting news for customers looking to migrate to Exchange Online, OneDrive for Business or adopt Microsoft Teams in a roaming environment. There’s more to FSLogix than just Office 365, it also can offer a complete profile management solution including innovative cloud-cache functionality as well as being able to completely hide or allow locally installed applications based on user rights.

This is a great addition to the above license rights, so if you would like to learn more about the capabilities or to get some assistance getting up and running, please contact your account manager.


Written by Andrew McCullough (Solutions Architect - Application)

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