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Microsoft Dynamics 365

Partnering with Preact to support Dynamics 365 implementation

We are delighted to announce our partnership with Preact, to help your business achieve its goals through Dynamics 365 and support your CRM implementation.

By working in collaboration with Preact, we can help implement smarter processes and improve user experience through Microsoft Dynamics 365. You’ll gain access to CRM insight and expert Dynamics 365 product knowledge for all requirements including project scoping, database development, training and technical support.

"With Dynamics 365 being such a specialist area it requires qualified consultants with a deep understanding of the product as well as business and financial customer needs. Ultima is able to translate and sell the complicated licensing structure that comes with Dynamics but getting to that point needs the technical expertise that comes with working with Preact. We are also using them for our own internal Dynamics 365 roll out to assist our internal developers, ensuring we are using best practices and deployment methods"
- Sabrina Gosney, Vendor Alliance Manager- Microsoft

We recognise the need to quickly deploy a solution and ensure this delivers early successes. With a phased approach we’ll begin by addressing your main priorities to deliver a minimum viable product. We’ll then work with your team through a managed service to extend the system, implement further customisation and support you in making continual improvements.



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