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Need to Secure Your Business Continuity and Quickly Establish Remote Working?

Today’s business continuity challenges may be making you ramp up remote working plans to an unprecedented level. Your organisation is going to require all staff to remain connected and productive over the coming months. At speed and at scale, this is no mean feat for most IT teams. But there's no need to be concerned. At Ultima, we recognise the barriers and challenges that come with deploying and operating workloads in the cloud, that’s why we’ve helped to remove them. Ultima Labs has been developing ways to inoculate your business-critical environments with automation services immediately.

With our Autonomous Business Continuity (ABC) service, we can now provide you with a low-cost software driven Cloud DR in 3 hours, Remote Working in 3 days and full Autonomous Cloud data centre in 3 weeks:

  1. ABC Disaster Recovery - data centre in-a-box within Azure in 3 hours using Autonomous DR
  2. ABC Remote Working - Citrix Cloud for all staff in approximately 3 days
  3. ABC Autonomous Cloud - low-cost VM Migration to Azure Cloud in 3 weeks

As part of our Autonomous Cloud offering and powered by the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, we’ve also launched Autonomous Migrate* - making digital transformation possible even at an SMB level.

Expensive migration projects are a thing of the past as we can quickly and easily get you working in the cloud. Besides enabling flexible remote working, Autonomous Migrate has the following key benefits:

Ultima_Chevron_Red-All-Small Cost Savings: Forget looking after and buying hardware, sorting out those power and cooling needs, capital purchases as well as security and networking – it’s all provided for you. Capital expenditure is eliminated with the cloud Opex costing model meaning that you only pay for what you use.

Ultima_Chevron_Red-All-Small Security: With a sudden increase in home working, many corporate systems will be vulnerable to hackers. Microsoft cloud is one of the most secure solutions for IT services. This security is offered to you as part of your cloud service, with Microsoft updating their security for you daily. 

Ultima_Chevron_Red-All-SmallGuaranteed up-time: The cloud offers most of your critical services at least a 99% uptime guarantee. This is often increased to 99.9% to core areas keeping you online, at the highest rate.

Ultima_Chevron_Red-All-Small Ongoing management: Naturally, you’ll be worried about costly expertise of managing this new IT environment. Don’t worry, we have that covered as well using Ultima’s Autonomous Cloud – our highly automated management, monitoring and optimisation managed service for Azure. Backed by certified Azure experts, we look after your environment in the cloud and help you to balance cost vs. performance. Our monitoring is proactive and designed to work with the cloud and its resources from the ground-up – an industry first. This means that you’re getting a dedicated Azure team for the fraction of the cost of your own cloud expert.

For more information, take a look at Ultima's bespoke remote working solution here or call us on 0333 015 8000.

The Ultima Promise 

Ultima takes business continuity seriously. We have appropriate business continuity in place to continue procuring and selling hardware, software, services and support to our customer base in the event of employee unavailability. We are continuously testing our ability to ensure that we're able to provide these services in line with the industry leading SLAs in place. Rest assured; we've got your back.

By partnering with Ultima, you'll benefit from our long-standing investment in people, process and technology, with our ISO 27001 certified technical service centre providing 24x7 support for a range of technologies, from our strategic vendors. These solutions are delivered by Ultima's extensive team of over 200 highly skilled technical personnel.

Our key vendors have recognised our strategic importance to them; Citrix named us Worldwide Partner of the Year, HPE awarded us Value Partner of the Year and we won Computing’s AI and Machine Learning Award for Best Use of Automation. Microsoft have recognised us as a Gold Partner for over 25 years and we have accumulated 12 Gold competencies.

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- By Chris Kirk (Senior Technical Consultant)

* Autonomous Migrate is limited to 50 virtual machines and doesn’t include clustered services or load balanced services from a migration perspective. Only supported operating systems are eligible. Autonomous Cloud is included as a managed service on an initial 12-month contract and billed at 60% of your Azure consumption per month from month two onwards of Azure going live. Full terms and conditions available on request.

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