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Blue Prism Honours Ultima as Key Partner

This year’s Blue Prism Partner Awards have been one of the most popular yet, with more than 100 award entries submitted from partners across the globe, highlighting how they enable enterprise customers to drive digital transformation - via their connected-RPA platform.

The virtual awards ceremony which took place on the 24th June was presented by Linda Dotts, Chief Partner Strategy Officer at Blue Prism, alongside Gavin Simpson, from the EMEA office and Gregg Brett, from the North America office, who were there to announce the winners for their regions.

Ultima were delighted to receive an award for the Regional Technology Alliance Program Affiliate Partner of the Year for its excellence in delivering Blue Prism’s connected-RPA offering, IA-Connect. The award was testament to Ultima's expertise in delivering intelligent automation capabilities to digitally transform how organisations operate, compete, and innovate.

Scott Dodds, CEO says, “We are delighted that our IA-Connect tool has been recognised globally by Blue Prism as a go-to tool to combat surface automation. We developed IA-Connect in response to our customers who had actively decided not to automate their business processes because they were nervous about using cloud-based RPA and the old process for automation over Citrix was so painful. We’ve had great success using the tool in the healthcare sector; securely and simply automating their business processes helping them improve their services.”

“We’ve built a true community of intelligent automation pioneers, innovators, developers and doers at Blue Prism,” says Linda Dotts. “This community is our lifeblood, which enables us to deliver one the most versatile and successful digital workforces on the planet. Congratulations to Ultima for showing us what’s possible and for making Blue Prism truly the sum of our parts.”

About IA-Connect

IA-Connect integrates directly with Blue Prism and Blue Prism Cloud to automate processes through existing Citrix or Microsoft RDS virtual channels, removing the reliance on image-based technologies and enabling processes to be developed in practically the same way as developing natively. This enables us not only to eliminate Surface Automation, but also to remove the need for complex infrastructure VPNs by enabling simple and robust automation through standard user Citrix or RDS sessions with close to zero-footprint.

To learn more about IA-Connect, click here.

Ultima and Blue Prism Webinar - 23rd July

In our latest webinar in partnership with Blue Prism, we’ll take you through how IA-Connect works, the simple steps required to set it up, and how RPA developers would go about automating remote applications through the comprehensive but intuitive IA-Connect Inspector application modeller.

Register for the 'Tackling Surface Automation challenges, with IA-Connect' Webinar here.

Amyn Jaffer blog

Written by Amyn Jaffer, Head of Ultima Labs



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