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Autonomous Cloud v2.0

Version 2.0 of Autonomous Cloud, was released at the end of May. Based on customer feedback, version 2.0 builds upon the levels of automation built into the platform to provide a much wider reaching view of what is going on within a customers' environment. For this update, there are 3 main elements that we are going to focus on:

Red-chevron-150x150  Application support
Red-chevron-150x150  Alert handling
Red-chevron-150x150  Service enhancements

Application Support

One of the major pieces of feedback that we received, was the desire to have the software layer covered by Autonomous Cloud as well as the platform. By adding this in, it provides a much more holistic view of a customer environment and further allows them to retire all their monitoring products and fully utilise Autonomous Cloud for this purpose. Version 2.0 includes support for monitoring for the following software (with plans for more over the next versions):

Red-chevron-150x150  Azure AD
Red-chevron-150x150  Active Directory
Red-chevron-150x150  SQL
Red-chevron-150x150  IIS

Alert Handling

Due to the machine learning basing all thresholds on the standard behaviours of the machines and services that we are monitoring when patching was applied, it would sometimes cause false positives within the alerting system. In order to address this possible issue during the patching window, there is now automated suppression of alerts during this window and as soon the patching is complete, all machines and services are brought back underneath the full alerting of the Autonomous Cloud system.

Service Enhancements

As part of any good platform, you would expect it to evolve over time and Autonomous Cloud is no exception to that rule. In the
Version 2.0 release there has been a raft of additional functionality added into the platform. The following services have had significant enhancements as part of this release to provide additional functionality into them:

Red-chevron-150x150  Azure Load Balancers
Red-chevron-150x150  Application Gateways
Red-chevron-150x150  Azure Firewall

As one of the design premises of Autonomous Cloud is Secure by Design, we felt that it was imperative to include market leading functionality around the security and networking capabilities that are available to customers.

This release was very much focused around how we can extend the functionality up into the virtual machine and providing a holistic view of an environment, from platform to software. Work has already begun on the next version, which we hope to bring to you over the next few months.

Live Demo Environment

To help you discover the true benefits of Autonomous Cloud, we have set up a live demonstration environment with the latest version of Autonomous Cloud, which we are providing you with free access to for 15 days.

The demo environment is running in Azure against a fictional company, to provide you with the most realistic experience possible. We will walk you through the solution to explain how each area works and how it can benefit you; from automated documentation, to proactive monitoring and many other areas. You will also be free to browse and explore the environment at your leisure over the 15 day period.

If you would like to register for our Demo Environment, click here


Written by Matthew Beale, Presales Architect – Ultima Labs



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