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Autonomous Cloud for Azure

Despite the hype of public cloud, operational challenges still exist as customers remain responsible for security, maintenance and support. To overcome these issues, we are excited to release an Autonomous Cloud platform, bundling Azure CSP, 24x7 operational tasks and technical enablement activities into a monthly per-service subscription fee, so you can focus on innovation and delivering better business outcomes.

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Having to replace or upgrade your infrastructure every three to five years can result in significant and often unpredictable CapEx costs, as well as increased risk associated with complex workloads and data migrations. Alongside the logistical considerations surrounding the replacement of servers, storage and networks, as well as disaster recovery and backup capabilities, the additional overhead can result in fragmented support, slow response times and a poor return on investment.

Given the dynamic nature of the business environment, increasing demands on IT services and rapid time to market, businesses need the ability to scale quickly whilst continuing to provide a reliable and accessible service. 

The cloud is a very complex, ever-evolving suite of products, with many customers struggling to realise the benefits. With Autonomous Cloud for Azure, we have simplified cloud ownership and operations, aggregating people, processes and technology, to enable organisations to realise the true potential of the cloud.

"Ultima's Autonomous Cloud allows you to kick-start business growth without being tied to resourcing constraints, de-risk engagements by working with recognised Azure experts and leverage 24x7 CSP and third line support.” - Matt Hudson - Head of Data Centre and Cloud - Ultima


Ineffective use of cloud licensing can cause businesses to drastically over-spend on their cloud costs. To address this, our automated Azure cloud platform continually analyses expenditure and optimises licensing and usage.

Many organisations also lack the skills or capacity to execute their cloud strategy, causing a loss of productivity and revenue. Through the use of automation and orchestration tools, our Autonomous Cloud dramatically reduces the need for human intervention around common BAU activities and provides built-in access to Azure architecture and consultancy support.

Ultima offer an end-to-end cloud outsourcing service for Microsoft Azure, combining fulfilment, 24x7 operations and technical enablement, on a consumption-based model, backed by our automation practice.

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Azure Life-Cycle Support

Ultima_Chevron_Red-All-Small Strategy and planning: Our architects can provide you with a clear and costed roadmap to the Azure cloud and deliver a comprehensive transition strategy ahead of deployment.

Ultima_Chevron_Red-All-Small Azure cloud deployment: Our technical specialists can assist in delivering modern, hyper-scale cloud solutions, whether a greenfield Azure deployment, complex migration, application re-architecture or business process optimisation.

Ultima_Chevron_Red-All-Small Continual service improvement: With new tools, applications and platforms being introduced each year, organisations can quickly fall behind. Continual Service Improvement proactively focuses on improving business processes, IT service alignment and the introduction of new services.

Ultima_Chevron_Red-All-Small Autonomous cloud central: In order to get the most out of your Microsoft investment, the platform needs to be proactively monitored and managed. Our ITIL-aligned managed service enables you to leverage our extensive knowledge 24x7, performing everything from platform and billing services, to incident management, security, compliance and product support.

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Why Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is a hyper-scale platform, allowing you to grow exponentially whilst bringing applications closer to your users, preserving data sovereignty and offering comprehensive compliance and low-latency resiliency options. Organisations of all shapes and sizes rely upon Azure to deliver their hybrid or cloud-first strategies.

By opting to follow a consumption-based model, rather than invest in expensive infrastructure which is unable to scale on demand, customers can benefit from enterprise-grade IT at a fraction of the cost, all wrapped up in an easy to use CSP interface, which acts as a gateway to the Azure platform.

Why CSP?

CSP is an easy to use, flexible model, allowing you to consume as much or as little as you need from the Azure stack. As you only pay for what you consume, this drives down operational expenditure. As a Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), Ultima are best placed to provide end-to-end Azure support, including everything from billing, subscription management and CSP administration, to solution delivery and on-going digital transformation, backed by the very best in 24x7 managed service support.

Autonomous Cloud Plans

We provide access to three tiers; Essentials, Advanced and Ultimate, with each providing an increased level of ownership and accountability across the CSP and Azure stack. Click below to learn more about what's included in each tier.

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