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Two weeks in the life of Ultima

After just finishing my A levels, I was left unsure of the path of which I wanted to pursue. I was given the opportunity to experience life as part of Ultima over the spread of a couple of weeks, getting a feel for different departments. Ultima gave me insight into a possible career path I would have never thought of exploring before and I have really enjoyed my time here.

During my two weeks of work experience, I was able to experience every department – from sales and marketing to HR and resources. This gave me a real understanding of different aspects of the company and showed me how each team interlinks to work cohesively with each other, making up this incredible company.

I enjoyed getting a feel for the sales side of the company and learning about Intelligent Automation. Working with the team I experienced calling customers, quoting and renewals.

As part of the marketing team, I helped to pick out venues for upcoming corporate events. This challenging task gave me the skills to manage all the information needed to find the perfect place - dates, group size, atmosphere, equipment, food, location and of course if the venue is available for the event. I enjoyed having the chance to independently research this and provide a list of possible venues to hold the event.

I was unsure of the office environment before I got here, as I feel I am more of a hands-on person who needs a busy environment to keep my interest. However, Ultima had a lively atmosphere, and there was never a dull moment.

Ultima isn’t just experience that looks good on my CV but has helped give me the confidence required to be a part of a busy working environment and be more open to new opportunities. I felt instantly welcomed and at ease with the friendly employees and enjoyed this informative opportunity.

- By Jazz Freer (Student on Work Experience) 

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