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Support your Modern Workplace with the Surface Hub 2S

We are now a Surface Hub Authorised Reseller! Whilst this continues to show our fantastic relationship with Microsoft, we also hope that this helps us assist our clients with the ongoing collaborative and modern workplace needs.

The new interactive Whiteboard for business, Surface Hub 2S, will be available for purchase this Summer!

The Hub has been built for team collaboration in the modern workplace and allows teams to brainstorm in Microsoft Whiteboard and across devices as well as share content for projects wirelessly with Miracast and sign in to access Office 365 files. Surface is made to be thin and sleek to integrate into any workspace.

Businesses loved the original Surface Hub, with the ability to collaborate effectively and securely within an office or across the world. Surface Hub 2S is a big step up from the original, whilst only weighing an astounding 61.5 pounds.

Microsoft have partnered with Steelcase to provide a portable solution to conference calls and interactive meetings. The Steelcase stands allow for even more mobility within the Surface portfolio and can also include a portable APL charge mobile battery. Wall mounts have also been made available for a more permanent feature within a meeting room.

The Hub 2S has an i5 quad-core 8th Gen Intel Core processor, a 4K+ PixelSense display resolution and comes with the Hub 2 Pen and camera to enhance your Surface experience. The camera allows remote participants to feel like they are in the room and the pen offers precise inking experience that businesses will already be able to recognise from Surface, just scaled to the large screen.

Enjoy the power of a fully integrated Windows 10 device designed for teams. All-in-one Surface Hub 2S natively runs your must-have Microsoft apps, including Microsoft Edge and Office, and your essential business apps. Incredibly high resolution and amazing graphics performance deliver vibrant, crisp, and clear images and video on the thin, light 50” display.

Bringing Surface Hub into our product portfolio aligns perfectly with our technical expertise when comes to Collaboration and Productivity.  Microsoft Teams will be a big focus for Ultima in FY20 not only for our customers but internally as well as we move from Skype to Teams. Surface Hub is an amazing device to transform meetings into interactive sessions to enhance collaboration and engagement across projects.  - Sabrina Gosney, Microsoft Vendor Alliance Manager

Surface continues to allow businesses to become more collaborative and innovative, giving them the competitive edge. Teams are given the opportunity to be more productive whilst mobile across the world. Hub can make you feel as though you are all in the same room collaborating on one document with real time inking, video and sound.

The new Surface Hub 2S can be used by engineering companies to allow them to draw and make realistic plans that can then be turned into documentation. With the whiteboard, they can draw exactly what they are envisioning whilst others can annotate and bring in other online images to the whiteboard. This broadens collaboration and productivity as multiple individuals’ opinions and visions can be added in one place at the same time. After a meeting has occurred the document can then be shared through Teams to allow individuals that could not attend the meeting to view the outcomes and add to the documentation themselves as well as giving the attendees the opportunity to add any other ideas and thoughts they have subsequent to the meeting.

Contact your Account Manager today to understand the benefits Surface Hub can bring to your business today!


Written by Abbey Long, Product Specialist- Modern Workspace

Abbey L

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