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Key Tips For Using Microsoft Azure Integrated Intune

As you may already know, Microsoft decided to move from Classic Intune to Azure integrated Intune. There are a few things that need to be considered before you decide to use Azure integrated Intune for patch management.

Plan for Change

Starting on 31st August 2018, Microsoft will turn off mobile device management (MDM) in the classic Silverlight console for customers using Intune standalone - and instead ask that you use Intune on Azure for all your MDM needs. For more information see Microsoft's blog here.


If there is a policy that exists in the Classic portal that has a software update ring, and you are using Azure integrated Intune, then there might be a policy conflict. Make sure the Classic Intune policies are removed.

Mobile Devices

Classic Intune can only manage the devices using Intune management agent. Azure integrated Intune can manage the devices only if the device is enrolled as a Mobile Device. If the agent is present in the Workstations area of the Azure Resource Manager (ARM)/Classic Portal, it can't be enrolled as a Mobile Device. So, the first thing you should do is remove the Agent.


If the Agent is present in the workstation, it can't be enrolled to new Azure integrated Intune. You have to uninstall the agent, you can use this process. This will create a Scheduled Task. It may take about 5 to 10 mins. It uses ProvisioningUtil.exe located under C:\Program Files\Microsoft\OnlineManagement\Common. If you have a custom installation path, or if the exe doesn’t exist, then you might need to reinstall the Agent and run this script again.


If you are planning to migrate to Azure integrated Intune from Classic Intune, make sure the device is not listed in the Classic portal. If the device is visible, then before enrolling, make sure the workstation entry is removed from the Classic portal. Sometimes you may see entries in both portals - in that case, you have to remove the device from both, and re-enroll.

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- By Vijaya Ragavan (Senior TSC Consultant)


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