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IT Drives Competitive Strength with Ultima's Strategic Offerings

IT Drives Competitive Strength with Ultima's Strategic Offerings

From Modern WorkSpace, Modern Data Centre and Assurance and Compliance, whether on-premise or cloud, your company needs to respond to consumer-led demands for innovation. 

Ultima is pleased to present our new 2017 services-led propositions that will help you to tackle current IT challenges including Cyber Security, Risk, GDPR and Cloud.Our comprehensive range of revived offerings will facilitate your journey to an optimised and modern IT environment keeping you ahead of your competition and operating at maximum productivity.

We are continually evolving our services and adding to our current offerings, so get in touch and see how Ultima can help your business stay ahead of the game. Please get in touch or call your Account Manager today. 

Download NowNEW: Data Centre Optimisation

Ultima has developed tactical and strategic data centre-related engagements, aimed at helping organisations get to grips with the challenges presented by modern business operations and practices.

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NEW: Cloud Data Centre

Utilising the broad Microsoft and AWS portfolio of services, Ultima is able to provide your organisation with a clear path to the cloud, helping you understand which workloads can migrate, alongside the transition approach to SaaS, PaaS or IaaS.

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NEW: Unified Management with Microsoft OMS

Regardless of your exposure to Azure Operations Management Suite, Ultima can help you exploit its benefits, from demonstrating the technology as part of a business justification review, to getting you set up on the right subscription model and deploying the functionality throughout the entirety of your organisation.

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NEW: Unified Storage

When it comes to storage, we recognise that there typically isn’t a single solution that suits every customer. Our role is to help you select a solution that will solve the business problems pertinent to your situation.

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NEW: Cloud Developer Services

Ultima’s Cloud Developer (DevOps) Services are designed to engage with your development and operations teams, as well as stakeholders, to fully embrace challenges from all areas.

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COMING SOON: Cloud Application Architecture

hrough Ultima’s

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NEW: Digital WorkSpace

Through Ultima’s WorkSpace Strategy engagement and targeted proof of concepts, our consultants are able to take you through the journey to defining the optimal target state for your organisation.

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NEW: Virtual WorkSpaces with Citrix Cloud

For organisations who have adopted XenApp and XenDesktop, you may be missing out on the benefits that Citrix Cloud can bring. With greater flexibility and simplified management, a move to Virtual WorkSpaces will ensure that your business remains agile and dynamic.

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NEW: DRIVE for Microsoft Office 365

Whether your organisation is thinking about embarking upon a significant period of change, moving from a traditional productivity model to one based on Microsoft Office 365, or you are looking to accelerate an existing Office 365 deployment, the challenge of how to drive adoption and realise business value is ever present.

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NEW: Microsoft WorkSpace Security

In response to constantly evolving threats, Windows 10 with supporting technologies in EM+S and Office 365, has introduced many innovative security features. These help harden identity, data and devices against common attacks, and help you respond more effectively to breaches when they happen.

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NEW: GDPR Readiness

Ultima offers a wide range of services to support compliance with the GDPR, covering everything from awareness through to discovery, planning and ongoing auditing.

NEW: Cyber Security AssessmentDownload Now

Ultima’s Cyber Security Assessment offers an independent security review that will identify gaps and provide recommendations around areas in which your organisation may be vulnerable to cyber security threats.

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