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An Introduction to Citrix Workspace App

By now, you’ve probably heard something about Citrix Workspace and Citrix Workspace App. If you have – great, let me fill in some details, and if you haven’t then here’s what you need to know.

Citrix, and speaking more broadly, technology vendors have historically been very good at providing point solutions that solve problems. Where they have fallen down in the past is being able to deliver integrated solutions. Citrix Workspace is about being able to deliver a comprehensive workspace solution to end-users in one place.

This might seem obvious, but even today if I am utilising all Citrix services I need to go to various places for different things.

I might use a local Citrix Receiver for accessing my applications in the office, but I go home and access applications and desktops via NetScaler and StoreFront – getting a similar, but slightly different, user experience.

I want to access some secure content on the go – I use Secure Hub on my mobile device to access my XenMobile apps.

If I want to access corporate data I might use the ShareFile Sync client on a desktop PC, or I might use the Drive Mapper client in a XenApp or Virtual Desktop session, or even the Web Interface.

Lots of functionality, but lots of touch points and differing user experiences.

Is this just Receiver vNext?

No. Workspace App integrates the capabilities of ShareFile, XenApp and XenDesktop and XenMobile to provide an integrated experience and a single access point for all workspace needs. To access anything in your Citrix Workspace – use Citrix Workspace App.

Now, to gain the full experience of Workspace App, you need to leverage the Workspace Service as part of Citrix Cloud. Workspace Service provides the integration point between the available services and aggregates the feeds of applications and services into your users’ Workspace.

Workspace App is built upon a Receiver core, so if you’re concerned that there are compatibility issues between this and your current environment – don’t be. The same backwards compatibility we have enjoyed with Citrix Receiver is still there.

You can even use Workspace App without the Workspace Service and continue to leverage your existing StoreFront solution if you choose, although not all features and capabilities will be available.

Making it Your Workspace

With Workspace App, you will have the option of using the new Branding Service to deliver a completely customised Workspace Experience far beyond what is possible today.

In StoreFront and NetScaler today you can add logos and change themes / colour schemes. With the Branding Service, you will have the ability to comprehensively brand the service as your own.

An example below is of a RedBull Racing branded workspace – note the customised application logos and names. This can also be extended to mobile devices.

Workspace App

It’s important to note, it’s possible to provide a Workspace without the word 'Citrix' appearing anywhere, which is a very important concept. It’s not Citrix’s Workspace, it’s yours.

What do I need to do?

If you want to try Citrix Workspace app now, you can download it hereFor more information on Workspace Services or Citrix Cloud, please contact us or speak to your account manager.

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- By Andrew McCullough (Solutions Architect)

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