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Reduce Operating Expenses Up To 61% with Cisco DNA

Your network is the beating heart of your business, it requires your constant attention and you need to make sure it’s strong and successful. The demand on your network is the greatest it has ever been, with even more pressure to come. You need a network that understands what your company desires and works out a way to make it happen; an intent-based network.

In order to achieve an intent-based network, Cisco have developed Digital Network Architecture (Cisco DNA) allowing you to provision, manage and deploy policies efficiently across your network. Furthermore, it does all this whilst lowering costs and risk.

High level benefits to DNA include:

  • Lower costs with faster troubleshooting.
  • Reduce risk by detecting threats quicker.
  • Innovate faster with contextual insights.
  • Integrate into third party software via open APIs and SDKs.

One of the primary risks to a network is misconfiguration. With 80-95% of network changes being done manually, Cisco DNA allows you to automate time consuming, monotonous, and repetitive tasks.

However, risk is not the only factor you need to consider, operational time and effort needs to be taken into account. By leveraging DNA, you can reduce operating expenses up to 61% by using its automation capabilities. Automating your network allows your IT staff to sleep easy, without having to worry about the network and allows them to focus on upcoming projects and the bigger picture.

With more vulnerabilities found daily, threat detection is key to keeping your network secure. There will always be new software, new hardware, and keeping that up to date allows to you to make sure your network is prepared for any eventuality. On average it takes organisations up to 200 days to detect a threat- Cisco can do it 1,300 times faster. Even when modern threats are attempting to hide behind encrypted traffic, with Cisco there is no place to hide due to their market leading ability to analyse encrypted data.

There are so many technologies that you need to be adapting to, Wi-Fi 6, mobile working, and IoT to name a few. The network is becoming more and more important within businesses, and new networks are required to support this. When choosing a new network, you can’t just look at speeds and feeds, you need to look at the software that comes with it and make sure that it is protecting, reinventing and analysing your network.

If you are exploring Wi-Fi 6 or deploying IoT devices in your environment, please contact us so we can help you on your journey to a new digital era.

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Written by Harriet Webb, Product Specialist - Networking


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